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Do you have a cat that always seems to be bored? If so, don’t worry – there are plenty of things you can do to keep them entertained!

One thing you can do is get them some toys. Cats love to play with balls and string, so try getting them some of each. You can also get them scratching posts or climbing trees if they’re the adventurous type.

Another way to keep your cat entertained is by playing with them yourself. Get a wand toy or a feather on a stick and spend some time playing with your kitty – they’ll love it!

You can also try teaching them simple tricks like sit, and stay. Not only will this give them something to do, but it’ll also help strengthen the bond between you two.

Although there is a myriad of ways to keep a feline entertained, there are seven proven ways that work with nearly all breeds and those will be the main focus of the article.

Take them out for a walk
It is important to take your cat for a walk because it allows them to explore and exercise. It also helps to socialize with other people and animals.

To take your cat for a walk, you will need a harness and leash. You can find these at most pet stores. Put the harness on your cat and allow them to get used to it before attaching the leash.

Then, start walking slowly, letting your cat lead the way. If they seem scared or uncomfortable, go back inside and try again another day. After a couple of tries, most cats will start to like and.

Generally, felines love exploring, and the hardest part is to get them used to a harness. You can also try to reward them with their favorite treats to inspire cooperation.

Light play
There are many ways to play with your cat – it all depends on what your kitty enjoys. Some cats like chasing a ball or toy across the room, while others prefer a more gentle approach such as petting and brushing.

Here are some ideas on how to play with your cat:
Get a soft toy or ball that your cat can chase. Throw it across the room for them to run after and pounce on.
Buy or make a scratching post for them to scratch and stretch their claws on. Cats love this activity and it’s good for their nails too! Scratching posts often come equipped with little toys or bells that dangle down, providing extra enjoyment value for a feline friend.
Petting is always popular – most cats enjoy being stroked along their back and behind their ears. Be careful not to pull too hard though, as some kitties don’t appreciate having their fur pulled!
Play chase
When you want to play chase with your cat, there are a few things you’ll need: a good amount of space, something for your cat to chase (like a toy or a piece of string), and lots of patience!

Here’s how to get started:

Start by giving your cat some time to adjust to the new environment. Let them explore and sniff around for a while before getting started.
Once they seem comfortable, it’s time to start playing! Show them the object that they’ll be chasing and dangle it in front of their face.
Be prepared for when they take off after it! When they do, run with the object in the opposite direction – this will help keep them engaged in the game.
If you’re finding that your cat is losing interest quickly, try changing up the route or adding obstacles for them to jump over. The key is to make sure they’re having fun!

Teach your cat some tricks
Playing a game with your cat is a fun way to bond and have some quality time with them. Cats love playing games and they are also really good at it. They are not as easy to trick as dogs, but that makes for an even more challenging game!

There are many ways to teach your cat some fun tricks. One way is by using a toy that they can chase after and catch or by using food as a reward when they perform the trick correctly.

Another way is through repetition, which means repeating the same action over and over again until your cat starts to understand what you want it to do. Here are some tricks you can teach your feline.

Paw shake
Tricks with a string or ribbon
Rolling over
Jump through a hoop or jump rope
Catch a mouse
It can be more difficult to teach them at first, but every cat will love and least one of the tricks listed. If you pair them with the right type and amount of treats, it will be possible to teach them something new and keep their minds active.

Play shell game
This is a really simple game, where the player hides something under one of the cups and then moves them around. The goal is to get the cat to find where the object is hidden. But be careful, if you move too fast or make too much noise they will get bored.

To play, you will need one cup, and one object (e.g. small ball, or marble). Get your cat’s attention by using a colorful marble. Place the cups across one line and put the marble under one of them.

Then, roll the cups around for a couple of times and step away. Your cat will probably put a paw over one of the cups. If they guess correctly, reward them with a treat.

Utilize toys
Cats are natural hunters, and they love to chase things. To keep your cat entertained, you need to provide them with an intelligent way of playing. The best way is by using toys.

Some of the more popular toys include laser pointers, balls on strings, and interactive toys such as mice or feathers on sticks. Laser pointers can be used for interactive play. The laser may be seen as a threat by your cat, so you should also provide them with other ways to play.

Placing their favorite toy on the laser is an easy way of getting their attention before switching to the laser. Ball-on-strings play can be done in several different ways. You could tie a string around one of your cat’s favorite toys or provide them with a string on their own.

Interactive play such as this can be very beneficial to your cat and can keep them entertained for long periods.

Use boxes
Cats love boxes. They love to play in them, sleep in them, and sometimes even eat in them. Boxes are a great way to play with your cat and keep it entertained. There are many ways to use boxes as a game or toys.

You can make the box into a maze by cutting holes on the sides of the box or you can create an obstacle course by stacking multiple boxes together with varying levels of difficulty. You can experiment with different types of boxes, various shapes, and levels of maze difficulty.

Next, you can use a straw. Shop around for them, since there are many different shapes, colors, and sizes. You can stuff the straw with treats like hemp-seed hearts or even use them as tools for games like this one. Kitty’s favorite game is to chase the straw as it moves through a maze. The more twists and turns there are, the more exciting the game becomes.

As your kitty gets faster with each move, you can quickly change up the rules of the game so that they’re always one step ahead of you. This is a great way to keep your cat entertained.

Additionally, even placing boxes at various places inside your home is beneficial. Cats are naturally inclined to sit in them, so they will spend lots of time inside. If you place them at „strategic“ places, you can easily choose where your feline spends a portion of its day.

There are a variety of ways to keep your feline friend entertained. Most of them rely on keeping their minds active while providing them with a sufficient amount of body activity, especially if they are indoor cats.

The key takeaway is to give your cat lots of attention while respecting their boundaries, and trying various ways to keep them happy.

No feline is the same, and some of these tips will work with, for example, Maine Coons, while others will be more suitable for British shorthaired felines. Keep exploring and experimenting until you find the right activity your furry friend loves.

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